Digital Story (Unreleased) V 1.0.3 Download

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Digital Story (Unreleased)

A super warm-blooded 3D vertical strategy card RPG mobile game has been launched, it will lead players to experience this familiar and unfamiliar digital world, find their strength back in the danger of knowing and unknown.Finally re-evolve into incomparably powerful Ultimate Monster and becomes the supreme king of the digital world.
【New Adventure Journey】
Fingertip starts a new adventure. Is the dark devil rule the world, or is the classic protagonist saved the world again! The four holy beasts will help you to complete the fantastic journey!
【Ultimate Evolution Transformation】
Different stages of growth have different forms, and the evolutionary process has also been given greater abilities. Start your journey with your digital partners.
Adventure together and grow together!
【Formation Combining Freely】
The game has super strong combo skills, attack, defense,and assist,three major jobs. You can combine hundreds of formations and collide to create infinite possibilities!

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Screenshot Image

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