Butchero v1.29 Mod Apk

Butchero v1.29 Mod Apk


Butchero is an action RPG with random event generation. What develops in a very dangerous fantasy world, where man is far from a dominant race. The protagonist decides to prove to everyone that people can withstand any adversity, and embarks on a journey through the areas where death awaits with every step. The players will have a large number of weapons and skills that should be combined very clearly and thoughtfully. Achieving special qualities, unique abilities and a serious increase in the chances of success of an action. Fans of overcoming difficulties will appreciate this project.
Features :
* This is a rogue-like, so each attempt will feel different!
* This is an RPG, so you have lots of various stats and get tons of loot to boost them!
* Dozens of random abilities to experiment with.
* Beautiful worlds with bizarre enemies and treacherous traps to test your ingenuity.
* Very simple controls perfect to play with one hand!

1. One Hit Kill
2. x10 Attack Speed
3. Crit Damage
4. No ADS


Link: Google Drive Link

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