Vampire Slasher Hero v1.0.7 Mod Apk


Vampire Slasher Hero v1.0.7 Mod Apk


Vampire Slasher Hero Mod Apk

Vampire’s invasion for domination of the world!

Become a vampire slasher and defeat the crowd of vampires and monsters!

- 7 types of reinforceable equipment with various abilities
- A total of 18 magic skills that can be more powerful through strengthened by upgrades
- 26 various traits that can be combined to create own hero
- 18 powerful mercenaries who participate to help hero
- 5 additional costumes available to make a hero more attractive
- Stage mode that made up with various missions
- Dungeon mode that getting more difficult as get in deeper
- Defense mode that defeat approaching enemies with mercenaries
- Expedition mode that available various rewards through sending mercenaries
- Supported achievements and leaderboard
- Supported 16 languages
- Supported tablet devices

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1. Unlimited Gold
2. Unlimited Diamonds
~~ first go to the shop and buy gold with diamonds to get massive of them ~~


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