Why i need your Donation?

Your Donation will help have money to save, save all file and upgrade all production’s in the future! The donation is a culture when you feel good about a product or person! This is the word volunteered and not required!

How can i donate to modsitdownapkscom?

Donate With Credit Card/ Paypal

Donate by Bitcoin (BTC)

Address: 32UnzKAGkcCwwQ5GxSgM4BLftC1TurYhuv

Donate by Ethereum (ETH

Address: 0x47f16b516e05aba90cb5eb2a72bfdcb9215b41b9

Donate by Monero (XMR)

Address: 85V7Z7eTVgM7PUY6TPEdvdFAAsssjMC8c1wzYAwNC2b14QQojhnKL6VgbxbmN7BjSZTCr8rHE7A1DCMSsdNJxbMfU6RtGNW

You can buy some bitcoin an other cryptocurrencies on these sites:

1. Coin Mama

2. Coinbase

When withdrawal bitcoins from either site, if you want to donate to me, paste not your address, but one of these:

  • Bitcoin: 32UnzKAGkcCwwQ5GxSgM4BLftC1TurYhuv
  • Ethereum: 0x47f16b516e05aba90cb5eb2a72bfdcb9215b41b9
  • Monero: 85V7Z7eTVgM7PUY6TPEdvdFAAsssjMC8c1wzYAwNC2b14QQojhnKL6VgbxbmN7BjSZTCr8rHE7A1DCMSsdNJxbMfU6RtGNW

 Check this article to get the idea how to buy some bitcoin if you don’t have any.

Thank You For Support!

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